Saturday, July 19, 2014

UPDATE: Meet the Teacher Pack and Goodie Bag Pack

Hello friends! It is currently 4am and I am in a hotel in Houston! I'm here for a PTA conference and I can't sleep. So, I brought my little laptop down to the lobby, the sweet front desk clerk gave me some free water and peanuts, and I'm sitting on a giant comfy couch! :)
I recently updated one of the best selling items in my TPT store! My Meet the Teacher Pack got a huge facelift with new fonts/layouts. Most of the pages in the pack now are editable. I included a generic form that I created for my own use, and then I also made (most of) them editable for you to change the content!
Click any of the previews below to check them out in my TPT store.
I also upgraded my Goodie Bag Pack while I was at it! I updated fonts, made the welcome poem editable for any grade/class AND you can now add your own name to it. I also added a few new elements. Click any of the previews below to head to my TPT store :)
I haven't even begun setting up my classroom yet... I'm trying to make summer last as long as possible. If my room isn't ready, school can't start, right?! Here are some picturess of how I've used these products in the past.
For the Meet the Teacher pack, I like to copy all the forms on different colors, that way they are easily found behind each student's name in my Student Info Binder!
For example, the student info sheet might be green, the volunteer page pink, the transportation form blue, and then survey yellow. It just makes it easier to flip to when I'm searching for that phone number or whether or not that mom volunteered in a hurry.
My kiddos each year love the Goodie Bag that I prepare for them, and they can't wait to tear into their present from their new teacher. I put a little item with each label I have, so I put dollar store sunglasses with "Your future is so bright..." and a small bottle of bubbles with "_ grade is Bubbling with Excitement". Then I give a small Ziploc of goldfish with the avery label that says "You are o-FISH-ally...". And new to me for this year, I am going to give parents an apple or a small trinket with the note that says "Parents are a child's first teacher".
The original poem on the front of the bag is also a nice touch and shows both parents and students how much I care and how excited I am to have them in my class! :)
Thanks for reading! Have a great Saturday :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Another Installment of Wordless Wednesday!

Hello friends! Today is Wednesday and I'm dropping in to leave you with a picture and a question! I know the items in the picture may not be your specific theme or style, but that's OK :)
So, leave a comment below and answer the question! I've linked this post up with sweet Miss DeCarbo over at Sugar and Spice... go check out all the other Wordless Wednesday posts! :)
Also, the precious Jess at The Teacher Talk has found the time to throw a huge Giveaway in the midst of her wedding prep! (Seriously y'all, this girl is getting married in less than a week and she's busy planning ways to give back to her followers! How amazing is that?) Head on over to her page to enter. I donated my Math Buddy Games as one of the items you could win!
Thanks for reading! Happy teaching!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Favorite Fonts Linky Party

Hello friends! My sweet friend Haley over at My Silly Firsties just got home from Vegas (I'm so jealous!) and she is hosting a Favorite Fonts linky party!
There are just so many amazing artists out there and we all have our go-to fonts that are our favorites. Hopefully we can all discover some new fonts to spruce up our resources :)
Here are my faves (click images for TPT stores):
You know what is even MORE amazing? Some of Haley's favorite font creators have offered up some prizes! Head back to Haley's page to enter. Good luck! :)